1. Setting up an IPS service


Two of the biggest challenges in setting up an IPS service are acquiring funding and retaining funding. In this section there are a variety of resources that may help you to identify and acquire funding for your service.


Much has now been written about the benefits of working to someone’s mental health. In this section are the reports commonly quoted in reference to mental illness and employment.


What is the NHS role in helping people with severe mental illness to return to work? Here are a few examples of NHS vocational strategies.


A good IPS service needs clear policies and guidelines for both staff and service users. In this section are some of the policies and processes that have been implemented by existing IPS services.

User employment programmes

Some NHS Trusts have implemented User Employment Programmes to encourage people with mental health conditions to apply for jobs within the Trust.


Setting up a good team is vital to achieve a successful IPS service.
Employment specialists, Vocational Team Leaders, IPS regional Trainers and Occupational Therapists all play an important role in an IPS service.

Vocational Team Leader

The Vocational Team Leader is the direct line manager for the employment specialists in an IPS service.

Vocational Champion OT

IPS Employment specialists should be co-located within the Community mental health team. Day to day supervision is normally provided by the CMHT Vocational Champion (often an OT).

Occupational Therapist

Employment specialists

The employment specialist works with the service user to help them into sustainable employment. This section provides tools to help recruit and develop good employment specialists.

Presentation video on attributes of high performing Employment Specialists


Please look at requirements via the IPS Grow providers folder on the NHS Future Learn platform where you will find up-to-date requirements and examples.

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