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Building a mental health workforce for the future

10 Apr 2024

Through changes to training, employment and staff support, the NHS can build the mental health workforce we will need for years to come.

The economic and social costs of mental ill health

27 Mar 2024

This report finds that mental ill health costs England £300 billion a year. This equates to double the entire NHS budget and is comparable, economically, to having a pandemic every year.  

Mental health in later life

5 Mar 2024

Poor mental health is sometimes regarded as an unavoidable part of becoming older; we address this assumption and suggest recommendations on how to create better mental health for older people.

Manifesto for a mentally healthier nation

27 Feb 2024

This manifesto puts forth the policies we outlined in A mentally healthy nation and encourages political parties to include them in their manifestos for the 2024 General Election.

Pursuing racial justice in mental health

31 Jan 2024

Pursuing racial justice in mental health investigates how health and care services in the UK can collaborate with community organisations to coproduce mental health support that best meets the needs of racialised communities.

Reaching out

17 Jan 2024

Improving the physical health of people with severe mental illness

Growing stronger together

14 Dec 2023

Growing stronger together interrogates the chief causes of behavioural problems, like poverty and financial strain and examines the factors that can contribute to healthy social development.

A Mental Health Commissioner for England 

6 Dec 2023

This policy note explores the opportunity for the creation of a new statutory Mental Health Commissioner for England. It finds that this role exists in many
countries, with a range of different functions, and considers what we could learn from experiences elsewhere.

Briefing 62: A constant battle

10 Oct 2023

A Constant Battle investigates how experiences of racism towards both parents and children affect their mental health and parent-child interactions

A mentally healthier nation

27 Sep 2023

Ahead of the UK general election, we’re campaigning for policies to improve mental health in the UK to be adopted as part of a 10-year, cross-government mental health strategy for England.

Fact sheet: Muslim mental health

6 Sep 2023

This fact sheet, developed in partnership with the Woolf Institute, brings together the latest available evidence on Muslim mental health across the life course, highlighting the urgent need to tackle the stark inequalities in Muslims’ access to, experience of and outcomes from mental health services.

Briefing 61: Social needs among people living with mental health difficulties

22 Aug 2023

How can mental health services better meet the social needs of people living with mental health difficulties?

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