Two men standing outdoors on a walk. One Black man is wearing a grey shirt, and the other South Asian man is wearing a black shirt. They are both smiling at eachother and looking lovingly.

19 June 2024

Five books for Pride month

David shares five of his favourite books written by LGBTQ+ authors, and what they’ve taught him about mental health, identity, trauma and inclusion.

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A young person with curly brown hair, wearing a colourful striped shirt, is smiling directly to the camera.

18 June 2024

Building mentally healthier systems for children and young people

Kadra and Andy summarise key takeaways from our first Mentally Healthier System Leaders Network event, where members discussed how to build better, more equitable mental health services for children and young people.

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Two young black and white children are colouring at a table, as their grandmother (white, big glasses, cheetah print coat) watches over them.

17 June 2024

What do the parties’ election manifestos tell us about the prospects for mental health in the next Parliament?

We delve deeper into the policies outlined in party manifestos and what they might mean for the future of mental health in the UK.

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A young white woman with long blonde hair is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black puffer jacket and a red and blue plaid scarf. She is stood behind a brick building, in her University campus.

14 June 2024

Being asexual and the road to pride

A guest writer reflects on coming out as asexual, struggles with acceptance and invisibility, and hope for a future beyond labels and explanations.

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Two colleagues of varying genders are sat at a desk working. One colleague has a curly dark, and is wearing a leopard print jacket over a white top and a chunky chain necklace. The colleague next to them is wearing a dark brown leather jacket. They both have a pensive expression.

10 June 2024

Why transphobia in public debate is putting people’s mental health at risk

Andy details what steps need to be taken to ensure that trans people are able to live equal, rightful lives.

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A young mixed raced man with curly hair and a goatee beard, is wearing a white t-shirt and holding a patterned mug.

30 May 2024

Talking trauma: trying to be heard over toxic trauma rhetoric

Callum Young explains how unhelpful the way we talk about trauma as a society is, and outlines how we can foster more constructive conversations about trauma.

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Teal speakerphone. Text: Podcast

24 May 2024

Podcast: Thahmina Begum 

Leeds-based artist and art psychotherapist, Thahmina Begum talks about how she uses art to help communities process racial and intergenerational trauma.

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A South Asian family are sat on a sofa, with two generations of the family present. An elderly man in an orange shirt sits next to a woman wearing a vibrant blue patterned dress, another member of the family is sat on the floor with her arm resting on the thigh of the woman in a blue patterned shirt. They are having a conversation and spending quality time together in a relaxed setting.

23 May 2024

Election must encourage respect, participation and mentally healthier policies

With a general election around the corner, we’ve outlined some key recommendations we hope politicians, media and other organisations will embrace.

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Two women running together on a dirt path in a park, one white middle-aged woman is wearing a white t-shirt and pink leggings, while the other young black woman is wearing a grey t-shirt and grey leggings.

13 May 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week: let’s create exercise opportunities for all

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Ed Davie looks into the lack of access to exercise for people disadvantaged by society.

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A young Black man with curly dark hair and a beard, wearing a striped button-up shirt stands with his head down with a thoughtful expression on his face.

9 May 2024

Creating safer, more inclusive services: towards trauma-informed practice

Georgina Beadon Ekers and Kerry Mayers explain how their mental health trust creates safe and empowering services for people living with trauma.

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Young black woman with dark brown, curly hair wearing glasses and a dark purple buttoned shirt and a necklace, is stood with her head down.

3 May 2024

The severity of food insecurity among people with a mental illness

Andy Bell explains how tackling food insecurity is integral to reducing the life expectancy gap for people living with severe mental illness.

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An elderly black man with glasses, a dark blue cap and wearing a green and white checkered shirt, pins his clothing to a washing line to dry out in the sun.

3 May 2024

Making mental health services work for older people

Dr Amanda Thompsell breaks down how fair provision and appropriate access to services, alongside combating ageism are crucial to improving mental health support for older adults.

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