The Centre has a long history of evaluating innovative interventions. Our evaluations help uncover and understand what works to address health inequalities. They establish the evidence base for effective support for people with mental health problems.

We are specialists in translating complex outcome data into practical, actionable recommendations, and in carrying out early-stage evaluations that help novel interventions progress through the first stages of the Early Intervention Foundation’s evidence standards. Our expertise in mental health includes children and young people, the criminal justice system, employment, veterans, and physical and mental health.

We work arm-in-arm with our partners to ensure that evaluations are relevant to all stakeholders and represent a variety of perspectives. All our work is bespoke, and may include

  • Consultation with practitioners, commissioners, and service users;
  • Training and deploying peer evaluators;
  • Literature reviews to establish local context and identify comparable services;
  • Health economics and cost-benefit analysis;
  • Ongoing productive advice to shape or improve services;
  • Awareness of policy and in-depth understanding of the political and commissioning landscape for mental health.

We work with a range of partners, from NHS Trusts to small charities and community organisations.

Our evaluations help drive change in mental health across the country. Where appropriate, we share findings across political boundaries, agencies and communities to amplify learning, celebrate positive practice and effect real system change. We equip providers with the means to measure impact and communicate the evidence for investment. And when we identify interventions that work, we influence commissioners and decision makers to support better practice and shape fairer policies.

If you would like to talk to us about an evaluation of your service, please contact Jenny Banks at jenny.banks@centreformentalhealth.org.uk

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