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We’re Centre for Mental Health.

We take the lead in challenging policies, systems and society, so that everyone can have better mental health.

Our current five-year strategy was published in 2021, and as we reach half way through it, we have reviewed the progress we’ve made and the wider environment around us. As a result, we are delighted to share this update to our strategy that will guide our work over the next two years.

Our five key ambitions are:

  1. To secure a whole government long-term approach to protecting and promoting mental health for all, including housing, social security, health, business, justice, defence and the environment
  2. To address the unequal social and economic determinants of mental health, including poverty, racism, discrimination and exclusion, fostering action locally and nationally, including from statutory bodies, civil society and businesses
  3. To enable every child and young person to have a mentally healthy start in life through large-scale system change and investment
  4. To ensure that people of all ages with mental health difficulties get equitable, effective and timely health and social care services, including physical health, work, and housing
  5. To stimulate action to address inequalities in mental health across every dimension: working alongside communities and services to find sustainable, effective solutions. We will focus especially on addressing mental health inequalities facing neurodiverse communities, LGBTQ+ communities, racialised communities, refugee and asylum-seeking communities, older people, and people with ‘complex’ needs.

With your support, we’re more determined than ever to eradicate mental health inequalities. But we can’t do this without you – so please consider donating today.

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