Centre for Mental Health shares renewed vision for work to drive equality in mental health

9 November 2023

Our current five-year strategy was published in 2021, and as we reach halfway through it, we have reviewed the progress we’ve made and the wider environment around us. As a result, we are delighted to share this update to our strategy that will guide our work over the next two years.

The renewed strategy sets out our current ambitions as a charity, which include:

  • Securing a whole government long-term approach to mental health
  • Addressing the unequal determinants of mental health
  • Enabling every child and young person to have a mentally healthy start in life
  • Ensuring everyone gets equitable and timely support
  • Addressing inequalities in specific communities which have been previously overlooked.

We are undertaking a broad range of actions to realise these ambitions, from working in coproduction and evaluating promising approaches to developing our ICS network and exploring the links between the climate crisis and mental health.

Our ambitions remain clear and focused on eradicating mental health inequalities. In our revised strategy, we’re redoubling our efforts to tackle the determinants of mental health, addressing structural barriers including racism and poverty, as well as continuing to work for better mental health services. We’re also focusing on the climate crisis and its impacts on our mental health, and on working locally with councils and communities to boost mental health support in the places people live.

We are more determined than ever to eradicate mental health inequalities. And with this updated strategy, we will continue to pursue equality in mental health in the years to come. Our 2022/23 annual report shows how we have been working to do that over the last year.

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We’re dedicated to eradicating mental health inequalities. But we can’t do it without your support.

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