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Briefing 60: ‘It feels like being seen’

26 Apr 2023

How can local authorities know if their mental health services are working well?

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Prison mental health services in England, 2023

4 Apr 2023

Prison & Young Offender Institution Mental Health Needs Analysis

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Mentally Healthier Council Areas

22 Mar 2023

Manifesto ideas for the 2023 local authority elections

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15 Dec 2022

Remote technology in mental health services

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Humanising health care

7 Dec 2022

The emergence of experiential practice and leadership in mental health services

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No wrong door

2 Dec 2022

A vision for mental health, learning disabilities and autism services in 2032

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A working partnership

25 Oct 2022

The development of integrated mental health services involves staff from both the NHS and VCS working together as part of the same team. Here’s our best practice guide to making partnerships work, for a more relevant, holistic and effective service.

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The power of the ordinary

10 Oct 2022

A Million & Me set out to explore how ordinary, trusted relationships can help children who are beginning to struggle with their mental wellbeing.

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Always there for us

21 Sep 2022

Evaluating Project Future’s work at Bruce Grove youth club

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How are we doing?

23 Aug 2022

A coproduced approach to tracking young Black men’s experiences of community wellbeing and mental health programmes

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Briefing 58: Poverty, economic inequality and mental health

26 Jul 2022

The evidence is clear that poverty, deprivation, and economic inequality are toxic to mental health; policy makers need to prioritise reducing them as an urgent public health necessity

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