Mentally Healthier Council Areas

22 March 2023

Manifesto ideas for the 2023 local authority elections

Local councils are one of the most important influencers of people’s mental health. With responsibility for housing, schools, green spaces, services and more, councils can use this influence to support better mental health for everyone.

This briefing sets out ideas for 2023 council election candidates to put in their manifestos which would improve mental health in their communities. We have brought together some beneficial policies for local government to adopt, or enhance, in four domains:

  • Reduce poverty
  • Improve the environment
  • Support the best start in life
  • Better access to quality services.

From paying the Living Wage to providing affordable housing, and from funding early support hubs to investing in substance misuse services, this manifesto sets out evidence-based policy suggestions, many of which are already being delivered by councils all over the country. By providing a clear set of manifesto ideas for mentally healthier council areas, we hope to inspire more local authorities to go even further to support their communities.

To enable people working in local government to make the most of their influence in their communities, we’ve set up the Mentally Healthier Councils Network, which will provide training, resources and a space where people can share knowledge about how to make a difference at a local level.

If you work for your local council, sign up for updates here.

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