A list of exercises that an IPS regional trainer can do to improve the performance of the IPS team (45 KB)

A guide on how to do IPS along with many exercises to develop IPS employment specialists (142 KB)

A powerpoint showing the outcomes achieved by Sussex IPS service before and after the introduction of an IPS trainer (198 KB)

A powerpoint showing the use of motivational interviewing in supported employment. Ideal for training clinicians to broach the subject of work and for employment specialists working with clients struggling with motivation and confidence ( (708 KB)

A brief guide to the use of motivational intervewing for clients considering returning to work (31 KB)

The four principles of motivational interviewing and an example of a decision balance sheet (20 KB)

A powerpoint to help build employment specialists confidence in encouraging clinicians to talk to their patients about considering employment as part of their recovery (206 KB)

The training plan for the above course (104 KB)

Fidelity Reviewing

A guide to achieving good fidelity for Employment specialists, clinicians, vocational team leaders and the executive team (CNWL) (110 KB)

A self-assessment tool for doing an internal Fidelity Review (Dartmouth) (151 KB)

A guide for employment specialists preparing for a fidelity Review (CNWL) (103 KB)

An example of an improvement plan following a Fidelity Review (61 KB)

Dartmouth fidelity reviewing guide for reviewers (1.8 MB)

Service user satisfaction

Service User Satisfaction Survey for clients accessing vocational services in 2011/12 (CNWL) (250 KB)

Service user motivation and confidence chart (33 KB)

Service user motivation and confidence tool (23 KB)

Service User Satisfaction Survey questionnaire (CNWL) (86 KB)

Service User Satisfaction Survey questionnaire (Somerset partnership trust) (216 KB)

User employment program service user survey (CNWL) (45 KB)