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Centre for Mental Health has been at the heart of implementing high-quality IPS in the UK for over two decades. We run a variety of training courses for Mental Health Employment Specialists, clinical teams, vocational team leaders and vocational managers to help embed good practice and achieve better outcomes for people with a variety of health barriers into employment.

Our forthcoming training courses are listed below. Please contact Zak Palmer via with any enquiries. 

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Training courses brochure

For details and prices for our training courses, download our brochure below.


Our current course offer is:

  • Doing what works: Training for Employment Specialists
  • Employer Engagement
  • In-Field Employer Engagement
  • Leading for Excellence: Training for IPS Supervisors
  • Supporting What Works: Essential Training for Teams Hosting IPS
  • Conducting IPS supervisions: Training for Senior Employment Specialists
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Employment and Equality Law


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Forthcoming training

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