Wanting the best for my children


Lorraine Khan

22 January 2014

Wanting the best for my children: Parents’ Voices looks at the experiences of 44 parents – their dilemmas about seeking help as well as their thoughts on how systems might work better to support families managing early behavioural difficulties.

"If you had somebody telling you what to expect before you went, then I think that’s nice, it would encourage you to go, if you had someone to talk to about it before."

(Mother who had not attended a parenting programme)

"It's given me a lot more confidence in being a parent and helped me understand the importance of being a mum…"

(Mother engaged with a parenting group)

"Something of the things work straight away. I wish I'd realised how easy it was."

(Mother, programme attendee)

Audience:  Children's services, commissioners, practitioners running parenting programmes.

Video to show what parenting programmes are like

This video was made by parents for parents to show them what the programmes feel like and answer some common questions that parents have.

You Tube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K8eXup19TM




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