Long term conditions and mental health: the cost of co-morbidities


The cost of co-morbidities

Chris Naylor, Michael Parsonage, David McDaid, Martin Knapp, Matt Fossey, Amy Galea

9 February 2012

This report finds that the additional cost of treating long term conditions for those with depression and other mental health problems is between £8-13 billion a year. This cost is not just a financial one. Patients with a long-term condition and co-existing mental health issue face poorer clinical outcomes and a significantly lower quality of life than people with a physical health problem alone.  

The report concludes that the costs of caring for people with long-term conditions could be reduced if the NHS was to manage the mental health needs of these people more effectively and makes recommendations for a better understanding of the costs of co-morbidities, improvement in psychological literacy across the workforce and closer integration between primary care, hospitals and mental health services.

Audience: Commissioners, health services, mental health services.

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