Childhood behavioural problems: briefings for professionals


21 January 2014

These briefings set out what childhood behavioural problems are, when they become conduct disorder, how to recognise the signs and how many children are affected. They then look at what can be done, how to engage parents and talks about the referral process.

There are nine briefings, each aimed at a different audience. You can download them below.

These briefings have resulted from a 30-month programme of work on early intervention for children with behavioural problems undertaken by Centre for Mental Health, with funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. The main focus of this programme is on how to improve the implementation of evidence-based parenting programmes in support of children aged up to 11 with behavioural difficulties.

What are parenting programmes like? 

This video was made by parents for parents to show them what the programmes feel like and answer some common questions that parents have.


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