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The chance of a lifetime

23 Nov 2009

A very high proportion of those who have the most serious conduct problems during childhood will go on to become involved in criminal activity.

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Briefing 41: Commissioning what works

22 Sep 2009

Individual Placement and Support, which helps people into paid competitive work, is effective, is good value for money and is affordable to the NHS.

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Childhood mental health and life chances in post-war Britain

7 May 2009

Mental health problems in children and teenagers have a significant impact on their chances of success in employment and later life generally.

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23 Feb 2009

Diverting people with mental health problems from prison is good value for taxpayers money but existing diversion arrangements are not achieving their potential.

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Briefing 37: Doing what works

18 Feb 2009

This briefing outlines the evidence base for Individual Placement and Support (IPS) and provides information on how to ‘do what works’.

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On the Outside

2 Dec 2008

Continuity of care is especially important for released prisoners with mental health problems to help them get their lives back on track on the outside.

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Briefing 36: Police and mental health

2 Sep 2008

This briefing calls on the NHS to manage health care for people in police custody and to take a more active role in diverting people with mental health problems to the services they need.

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Briefing 35: Evening the odds

17 Jul 2008

Specialist mental health employment support staff need to adopt an evidence-based approach with the capacity to address issues of racism and stigma.

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From the inside

25 Jun 2008

It sets out what prisoners themselves say they need to improve their mental health: ‘someone to talk to’, ‘something to do’ during the day and practical help to plan for what they will do after they are released.

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About time

12 Jun 2008

About Time is the first step-by-step guide that shows how day and vocational services can make radical changes to offer people the support they need to build the lives they want to live.

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27 May 2008

Spending on prison mental health care

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Making recovery a reality

17 Mar 2008

Recovery turns mental health services’ priorities on their heads. Mental health services need to demonstrate success in helping service users to get their lives back.

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