Mental Health Challenge


Local councils championing mental health

Councils can have a significant impact on their local area by promoting better mental health.

In light of this, the Centre created the Mental Health Challenge. The Challenge is a growing network, begun in Dorset in 2012 by Cllr Michael Bevan, where councillors of different political persuasions across England share ideas, seek advice and receive support with the aim of enhancing the mental health of their local communities.

Every local area is different. Every 'Member Champion' will have their own unique priorities. The Challenge seeks to recognise their interests, hopes and concerns by supporting them to introduce effective interventions and to speak up for mental health. There are now more than 130 councils in England with Member Champions for mental health. With the Centre’s support and advice, Member Champions have pioneered a new kind of local leadership for better mental health.

Member Champions

We are asking all local authorities to take up the Mental Health Challenge by appointing one of its elected council members to be the Member Champion for their local authority. Many are supported by a lead officer from the council staff team who works alongside them. We provide member champions and lead officers with regular updates on policy and research, with training and learning opportunities, and with bespoke reports, briefings and advice.

Resources for Local Member Champions


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