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Manifesto ideas for the upcoming local council elections

Every year local council elections take place in England. With responsibility for housing, schools, green spaces, services and more, councils are one of the most important influencers of people’s mental health.  

We’ve produced a manifesto which outlines what councils can do to support mentally healthier communities. 

It sets out actions under four key domains: 

  • Reduce poverty 
  • Improve the environment 
  • Support the best start in life 
  • Provide better access to quality services. 

From funding early support hubs to investing in substance misuse services, and from paying the Living Wage to providing affordable housing, this manifesto sets out evidence-based policy suggestions, many of which are already being delivered by councils all over the country. 

Our ideas are inspired by the great work we hear about from councillors and officers, as well as our own research.  

We know that mental health is made in communities and, with their democratic mandate to support residents, it is vital councils are properly funded and empowered to carry out their roles effectively. 

As host of the Mentally Healthier Councils Network and its predecessor scheme the Mental Health Challenge for more than a decade, we are committed to supporting local councils to create mentally healthier communities – and this manifesto forms part of that support. 

We want local candidates, councillors, officers and voters to read these ideas and campaign for them to be taken up.

If you work in local government as an elected member or an officer, join our Network for events, resources and advice about what can boost mental health in your local area. 

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