Economic analysis


Centre for Mental Health can help you understand the economic strengths of your organisation and communicate the financial case for your work in a robust and succinct way. We have a successful track record of helping attract investment for effective programmes and interventions. Our reports are technical, but practical and easy to digest.

We have significant experience of economic analysis in relation to health and social care. We are a member of the Mental Health Economics Collaborative, a partnership between Centre for Mental Health, the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network and London School of Economics. This collaborative brings together decades of expertise in research, health economics, mental health policy, and service development. Alongside this experience, the Collaborative has direct access to frontline services, system leaders, clinicians, and experts by experience.

Our recent work in this area includes: 

  • An evaluation of New Models of Care (Provider Collaboratives) for children and young people, commissioned by NHS England and Mental Health Network (2020) 
  • The investment case for the Nottingham Primary Care Psychological Medicine service in Rushcliffe (2019) 
  • A cost-benefit analysis for Petals, a counselling service for parents coping with bereavement and loss – and a financial plan for a national network of care (2019)

Centre for Mental Health has an experienced Chief Economist, Nick O’Shea who is a macro-economist specialising in financial analysis, economic evaluation and investment cases for health and social care interventions. Nick has worked for six Government departments and was an economic analyst for the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review.

For more information about our economic analysis work, get in touch with Jenny Banks at

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