Mental Health Economics Collaborative


The Mental Health Economics Collaborative (MHEC) is an exciting partnership between the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network, Centre for Mental Health and the London School of Economics Personal Social Services Research Unit.

MHEC aims to support the identification and spread of innovative approaches delivering high quality, efficient mental health services.

Together, we aim to highlight the importance of economic measures of success and provide the opportunity to test, prove and celebrate promising service models.

Our ambition is to stimulate change by steering investment to where it can relieve pressure on the system and make a real difference for people with mental health problems.

Publications of the Mental Health Economics Collaborative


Economic theories relevant to public service provision

March 2019

A crash-course in some of the main economic theories used in public service commissioning



Economic theories relevant to public service provision - video series

March 2019

Explore how economic theory impacts public service commissioning through our series of short videos




A new approach to complex needs

September 2019

Could the NHS better support people with persistent physical symptoms of illness in primary care?



Economic theories relevant to public service provision (Part 2)

December 2019

How can insights from economics help make decisions about mental health services?



Bringing care back home

March 2020

Evaluating the New Care Models for children and young people's mental health

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