The decade of delay


Mental health problems are common among young people (affecting one in ten, or an average three in every classroom).

On average, children and young people with mental health difficulties go ten years between first becoming unwell and getting any help, according to our evidence review. This decade of delay sees their problems multiply and get progressively worse, eventually escalating into a crisis.


Moreover, whilst three-quarters of parents whose children are experiencing a mental health difficulty seek help, only one-quarter receive any support.

Learn more about the issues facing young people and mental health or read about Dolly's experience of waiting over ten years for mental health support.

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30/03/2021 - 12:44

Let’s get better mental health support for all

The coronavirus pandemic is a physical health emergency on a global scale, such as we have never seen in our lifetimes. But it is also a mental health emergency.

We are taking action to help those at the frontline of this mental health crisis.

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