Thankfully we got through the first wave but then came the second

Written on 05/12/2020 12:00 am

Contribution by Alistair Wilkinson

I work for the PTS Ambulance Service and have been for the past few years. When this Covid virus first hit us I was worried about how it would affect us all but honestly did not think it would be as terrible as it was to be.

When the first national lockdown started I knew then it was a very serious problem and I am not ashamed to say I became scared more so because we were starting to move Covid positive Patients. I became worried that I could take this virus home to my Family, My Wife has an autoimmune condition and she was in the high risk category of People.

I did consider shielding myself with my Wife but we both agreed that as we are both frontline Staff we need to continue but obviously take the very necessary precautions.

Thankfully we got through the first wave but then came the second wave and to us that seemed more serious, We lost 2 close Friends to this horrible virus and now I personally know 17 People who are now tested positive 3 of which are very seriously ill and in ICU on Ventilators.

When I look around and see lots of People blatantly ignoring the wearing of masks, Social distancing, Congregating etc it really angers me to say the least, I actually had a neighbour say to me I am young fit and healthy so I know I will not get it!!!! I was so angered at his attitude and replied Well tell that to my friends family, Their Daughter was as you put it Young Fit and healthy but she got it and she died from it. God I was so infuriated at his attitude.

People ask me am I scared doing my job?? Yes I am petrified every time I go on shift especially knowing that some of my Colleagues are actually off because they have Covid ?? I just hope and pray that this vaccine works but still a lot of ignorant people need to wake up and realise just how serious this virus is, Maybe we should have another full lockdown and come down hard on those who ignore it and break the rules. I honestly think our Government were too soft on us albeit I think the PM thought he could trust us to do the right thing but sadly he was wrong.

Wake up everyone please and let’s stop this virus in its tracks Yes I know jobs are being lost but I would rather be alive and out off work than dead.

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