Breaking point occurred and a stark choice had to be made between me and my loved one or my job

Written on 09/03/2021 12:00 am

Contribution by Lorna Smart

I suppose in some ways I have been a bit luckier than some as being a fairly solitary person to start with, being physically cut off from certain things was not really too much of an issue.

However, what did clearly become an issue was trying to juggle the worsening heath of a loved one and working from home.

I managed both with a degree of success for 8 months and then the small cracks in my psyche became full breaks. I had recognised some of the early signs and tried to deal with them but the pandemic had made accessing the sorts of services needed much harder.

Breaking point occurred and a stark choice had to be made between me and my loved one or my job. After much soul searching and advice, I chose me and my loved one.

Now, I realise that in the middle of a pandemic is not the best time to be out of work (there is not really a best time) but it was not the best time to have a full on breakdown either (there is NEVER a good time to have one of those). Something had to give and it was not going to be me, or by proxy my loved one.

I handed my notice in and my reasons for going were accepted and understood. I knew as soon as I did it that I had made the right choice. I knew that though there would be stress and strain finding work, that it would pale in comparison to what juggling a pandemic and all the uncertainty, stress and adapting that came with, catering for the needs both emotional and physical of my loved one, and catering for my own needs.

This pandemic has certainly been one hell of a learning curve and has served to remind me of what really is important and not just what society projects to be important.

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