The research evidence for IPS


What is Individual Placement and Support?

Reviews of the IPS research literature

Implementing IPS

IPS and mental health practitioner support

IPS employment specialists

The IPS Fidelity Scale and Fidelity Reviews

IPS Best practice

IPS success (beyond just job outcomes)

Job maintenance by supported employment: an overview of the “Supported Employment plus” trial (2015)

Does employment alter the course and outcome of schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses? A systematic review of longitudinal research (2014)

Self-esteem as an outcome measure in studies of vocational rehabilitation for adults with severe mental illness (2014)

Psychosocial Well-Being Construct in People with Severe Mental Disorders Enrolled in Supported Employment Programs (2014)

Standardizing measures in four domains of employment outcomes for individual placement and support (2014)

Who benefits from supported employment: a meta-analytic study (2011)

Individual placement and support–a model to get employed for people with mental illness–the first Swedish report of outcomes (2011)

Impact of follow-along support on job tenure in the individual placement and support model (2011)

Is job tenure brief in individual placement and support (IPS) employment programs? (2011)

The impact of supported employment and working on clinical and social functioning: results of an international study of individual placement and support (2009)

Service intensity and job tenure in supported employment (2008)

Inpatient hospitalizations and emergency service visits among participants in an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model program (2004)

Supported employment, job preferences, job tenure and satisfaction (2001)

Does competitive employment improve nonvocational outcomes for people with severe mental illness? (2001)

Supported employment, job preferences, job tenure and satisfaction (2001)

Job terminations among persons with severe mental illness participating in supported employment (1998)

Funding IPS services

Cost effectiveness of supported employment

IPS and welfare benefits

Unemployment rates of people with SMI

People with mental health conditions want to work

Characteristics of successful service users

A Supported Employment linkage intervention for people with schizophrenia who want to work: a survey of patients' views (2015)

Processes towards employment among persons with psychiatric disabilities: a study of two individual placement and support programmes in Sweden (2014)

Exploring perceptions of occupational competence among participants in Individual Placement and Support (IPS) (2013)

Readiness for employment: Perceptions of mental health service users (2013)

Predictors of vocational outcomes using Individual Placement and Support for people with mental illness (2013)

Neurocognitive predictors of work outcome in recent-onset schizophrenia (2011)

Review on vocational predictors: a systematic review of predictors of vocational outcomes among individuals with schizophrenia: an update since 1998 (2010)

Predictors of competitive employment among patients with schizophrenia (2008)

Predictors of employment for people with severe mental illness: results of an international six-centre randomised controlled trial (2008)

Cognitive and clinical predictors of success in vocational rehabilitation in schizophrenia (2004)

Cognitive and symptom predictors of work outcomes for clients with schizophrenia in supported employment (2003)

Cognitive functioning and employment in severe mental illness (2003)

Cognitive correlates of job tenure among patients with severe mental illness (2002)

Predictors of employment outcome for people with psychiatric disabilities: A review of the literature since the mid '80s (2000)

Work and nonvocational domains of functioning in persons with severe mental illness: A longitudinal analysis (1997)

The effects of consumer characteristics and type of employment model on individual outcomes in supported employment (1989)

Impact of local job markets

Employers and people with mental illness

Service user perspectives of IPS

Individual Placement and Support Randomised Control Trials and evaluations

A meta-regression of the impact of policy on the efficacy of individual placement and support. 2019

A randomised controlled trial of time-limited individual placement and support: IPS-LITE trial. 2015

Individual placement and support in Sweden-A randomized controlled trial. 2015

A randomized controlled trial of individual placement and support in Japan. 2014

Effectiveness of Individual Placement and Support for People With Severe Mental Illness in the Netherlands: A 30-Month Randomized Controlled Trial 2013

Generalizability of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model of supported employment outside the US. 2012

Supported employment for middle-aged and older people with schizophrenia. 2008

A randomized controlled trial comparing two vocational models for persons with severe mental illness. 2007

A multisite study of implementing supported employment in the Netherlands. 2007

Rehabilitative day treatment vs. supported employment: I. Vocational outcomes 1994

A ten-year follow-up of a supported employment program 2004

Integration of psychiatric and vocational services: a multisite randomized, controlled trial of supported employment 2005

Generalisability of the individual placement and support model of supported employment: results of a Canadian randomised controlled trial 2006

The New Hampshire study of supported employment for people with severe mental illness. 1996

Improving employment outcomes for persons with severe mental illnesses 2002

A randomized clinical trial of supported employment for inner-city patients with severe mental disorders 1999

The effectiveness of supported employment for people with severe mental illness: a randomised controlled trial 2007

Evaluation of an individual placement and support model (IPS) program.

An update on randomized controlled trials of evidence-based supported employment. 2008

The Hartford study of supported employment for persons with severe mental illness. 2004

Supported employment: evidence for an evidence-based practice. 2004

Individual Placement and Support in Europe: the EQOLISE trial 2008

Results of a multisite randomized trial of supported employment interventions for individuals with severe mental illness 2005

Results of the first Australian randomised controlled trial of Individual Placement and Support in first episode psychosis 2007

Longitudinal studies

Longitudinal studies: Critical or neutral IPS research

IPS for Early Intervention Psychosis services

IPS for Homeless people

IPS and addictions

IPS forensic

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