Exploring the transmission of experiences of racism, anxiety and depression in families


The Transmission of experiences of Racism, Anxiety and Depression in families (TRADE) project is a collaboration between researchers at Centre for Mental Health and King’s College London.

We are exploring how parents' experiences of racism might affect their children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Experiences of racism have been shown to have negative effects on both physical and mental health.

Less is known about how these negative experiences might transmit across generations. Some people refer to this process as the intergenerational transmission of racial trauma. Most studies that exist on this topic are from America, with a focus on African American communities.

The TRADE project aims to provide a UK perspective, while increasing representation of people from racialised groups in mental health research.

Our team have been working since January 2022 to review existing research on this subject. In April, the team met with parents and teenagers who are affected by racism, to hear their thoughts and perspectives in online workshops.

The data collected will now be analysed and shared publicly, commencing with a free event at Science Gallery London in July 2022 (more details coming soon!)

Follow the project on social media to track our progress and hear about future events and activities: Instagram: @TRADEprojectUK | Twitter: @TRADEproject_UK

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