IPS & Employment

The majority of people with mental health problems want to work, but often the support they need is not available. We're finding ways to fix this through expanding the use of what we know works across the country.

The most successful method of supporting people with mental health difficulties into work is Individual Placement and Support (IPS). IPS finds people a job quickly and then provides time-unlimited support to keep the job and manage their mental health.

You can also learn more about our Centres of Excellence; access tools for online job-seeking or support to return to employment.

What is IPS?

The basic principles behind the most effective method of employment support

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IPS resources

We've brought together materials from our IPS Centres of Excellence to provide a set of free resources to help services develop IPS supported employment

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IPS Centres of Excellence

We have selected 18 sites to be Centres of Excellence in supporting people who use mental health services into employment.

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From prison to work

Can an employment support model be adapted to help people with mental health problems leaving prison?


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