How do I know which job/career is right for me?

There are a number of online careers interest guides to help you decide what you might want to do. 

Adult Directions: An easy to use careers interest guide to help explore a career options and plan next steps. By answering a series of questions based on your career level, skills, likes and dislikes, it will give a list of careers which best match your answers:

  • Career ideas you might not have thought about;
  • Up to date information about each career suggested including pay, qualifications and training options;
  • Video clips, photos and case studies to give you a better idea of what the work involves.

Careers Wales: Match your skills and interests to over 1400 job titles to generate personalised career ideas. The Job Matching Quiz will provide you with the reasons why each job is selected and allow you to explore them in more detail. 

National Careers Service: You can also look at different types of jobs descriptions, typical pays and entry requirements by visiting the National Careers Service website. 

Plotr: Explore careers, be inspired, take action - Whether you’ve got a career in mind or not, Plotr can help you discover your future and guide you to careers you could be great at. Play the Game to discover careers that match your personality, interests and skills. Get the free careers magazine on your phone. Look at what the world of work is really like. Then use this knowledge to find the right courses, work experience, apprenticeships, jobs - and more - near you.

Ipersonic: The free iPersonic Career Test takes just 3 Minutes. iPersonic has been recommended as a career advice tool by numerous organisations and institutes worldwide, such as the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour (Germany), the National Health Service (United Kingdom), Enactus (Canada) and the YMCA (USA).

BBC careers: Find out which careers suit you best. The test has seven questions and should take between 5-10 minutes. It was developed by psychometric specialist Neil Scott of Cassin-Scott Associates.

Self employment

Mienterprise: This is a good resource to help you think about what type of business you can run. 


National apprenticeships webpages:

Access to Work grants: funding for disabled people to get to work up to £40k pa to fund access & reasonable adjustments 

Benefits & Welfare Advice

Better Off Calculators:

Sharing Personal Information & Equality Act

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