Our response to the independent review of mental health at work

25 October 2017

“The Government’s independent review of mental health in UK workplaces today sets out an important set of steps to improving the health of the working population and the productivity of British business”, Centre for Mental Health chief executive Sarah Hughes said today.

Responding to the publication of Thriving at Work, Sarah Hughes said: “Poor mental health at work costs UK employers almost £35 billion a year. Today’s report identifies a number of ways that employers, public services and the Government can bring that cost down while improving people’s lives nationwide.

“The report’s recommendations must now be put into practice at every level. Creating a clear set of standards for employers to look after the mental health of their staff should help to make every business more efficient. And we should expect larger businesses and public sector organisations to lead by example and support smaller employers in their localities and supply chains to do better.

“The report emphasises that the NHS has an important part to play in offering rapid access to psychological therapy to stop people losing their jobs when they experience a mental health difficulty. And it calls for a more coherent and less fragmented approach to helping people to stay in work, for example through the Fit for Work and Access to Work programmes.

“While today’s report focuses on helping people who are in work, we must not lose sight of the urgent need to help people with mental health difficulties who are out of work to get into jobs when they are ready. It is vital that health and employment services work together more effectively to offer evidence-based help to people who want to return to work as part of their recovery.”

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