Mental Health Policy Group launches manifesto for next Prime Minister

31 August 2022

Our Manifesto for Better Mental Health, published before the 2019 General Election, highlighted where urgent improvements were needed. Since then, we have seen welcome developments and commitments in several areas.

However, when fewer than four in ten people who need support are benefiting from mental health services, there is still a long way to go on the road to equality. And the need is greater than ever.

Our country’s progress on mental health is fragile. With 10 million people estimated to need mental health support as a result of the pandemic, and in the face of growing economic pressures, the new Prime Minister cannot afford not to listen.

In this manifesto, we set out five areas that the next Prime Minister must address in order to improve the lives of people with mental health problems and improve the mental health of the nation. By addressing these areas, the new Prime Minister will lead the way towards mental health equality and bring us closer to the ambition of a fair deal for mental health.

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