Call for evidence: The impact of Covid-19 on maternal mental health

5 October 2020


The Maternal Mental Health Alliance have commissioned Centre for Mental Health, with funding from Comic Relief, to conduct an urgent rapid evidence review of the impact of Covid-19 on maternal mental health and perinatal mental health services, including voluntary & community sector, working across all 4 UK nations.

The questions we wish to address are:

  1. What have been the greatest challenges for expectant mothers, mothers of young infants, their babies and their partners over this period?
  2. Are there particular groups/cohorts of expectant mothers, mothers of young infants, their babies and partners who have experienced greater difficulty? And how are their needs being addressed (or not)?
  3. How have services from all sectors and across all four nations adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic, lockdown, and ongoing restrictions?
  4. Are there lessons on provision that have been learned from this challenging time?
  5. What have been the greatest challenges to good quality care over this period, and which have been overcome (and how) and which have not?

We are reviewing the national data, where this is available and accessible, and we are reviewing any published literature. However, we also want to hear directly from you. At this point, you can provide evidence in the following ways:

Attend a virtual evidence giving event

  • These will take place at 11am – 1pm on 22 October, 27 October, 4 November and 6 November 2020

  • and return to: jan.hutchinson@centreformentalhealth.org.uk
  • We also have a very limited capacity for some one-to-one interviews, please request via the email address above.

Send in your written evidence

This call for evidence closes at 5pm Friday 6 November 2020.

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