The Balance Garden’s relocation to Markfield Park, Tottenham

3 August 2023

Earlier this year, Centre for Mental Health’s The Balance Garden was a highlight of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, spreading the message that everyone should have access to green spaces to support their mental health.

But Chelsea was just the beginning of The Balance Garden’s journey. With the support of Project Giving Back and under Wild City Studio’s leadership, The Balance will be relocated to Markfield Park in Tottenham, to provide a space for the whole community to connect with nature and boost their wellbeing.

Why The Balance?

While research shows that connecting with nature improves our mental health, people living in deprived urban areas, who need this connection most, too often don’t have their own gardens or affordable green spaces nearby.

That’s why Wild City Studio, the award-winning landscape designers behind The Balance, chose Markfield Park in Tottenham to be the ultimate destination for the garden. Tottenham is located in Haringey, North London, a borough with higher than average levels of deprivation and depression. Wild City will be rebuilding The Balance in Markfield to create a new space for the community to steward and enjoy, ensuring that the benefits of being surrounded by nature can boost mental health for all.

Relocation plans

To protect the garden and ensure a sustainable relocation, the plants are being nurtured over the summer months. Wild City Studio will begin rebuilding The Balance in Markfield Park from autumn 2023, with plans to open the space to the public in Spring 2024. For the latest updates on the build and its progress, follow Wild City Studio on Instagram, or email admin@londonglades.com or contact@centreformentalhealth.org.uk

Image © Britt Willoughby Dyer

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