Looking for support to return to employment?


Where to start

There are a number of agencies that proactively support people with mental health conditions to find and sustain employment. If you would like to return to work:

  • Speak to your community mental health team and ask them if they have an employment support service that they can refer you to
  • Look on the national IPS Grow website for information about services. http://ipsgrow.org.uk/

If your community mental health team do not provide an employment service:

  • Ask your care co-ordinator to help you find a local service that specialises in supporting people with mental health conditions into employment
  • Ask at your local GP surgery if there are any employment services for people with mental health problems;
  • Ask at your local library;
  • Contact the mental health information helpline for your area (if there is one);
  • Contact the Disability Employment Advisor at the Job Centre.
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31/07/2020 - 13:41

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