‘A garden can create a thousand emotions’: Charlie’s story

24 April 2017
By Charles Benton

I was involved in gardening from a very young age. I remember going up the allotments with my grandad, being pushed in the wheelbarrow with my brother to the end of the street.

The garden we are creating this year takes you on a journey as the garden is created almost in two halves. In one half of the garden we wanted to create a very dark ‘on the edge’ feeling with a path that seemed hard to walk. The path then becomes a journey representing the drive in you to leave the dark state of “yourself’’ and take the journey to somewhere a bit more soothing and an area of reflection and calm.

I really wanted to create a meaningful garden! A garden that everyone can share or experience their emotions and feelings as they see the garden and the powerful meaning it expresses.

We are very delighted to be working with Centre for Mental Health as we know they can recognise the power of this garden. A picture can say a thousand words, but a garden can bring a thousand emotions. Centre for Mental Health inspire me with their care and passion in who they work with, and I can feel how passionate they are to help people with their lives on the road to recovery.

A picture can say a thousand words, but a garden can bring a thousand emotions.

Being passionate and loving what you do brings the best results. Centre for Mental Health are both passionate and love what they do to change people’s lives and care for everyone around them.

I do believe gardening and being outdoors has so many benefits and great factors to it. From the saying “I’m just going to get some fresh air” or “I’m going outside to clear my mind”, it’s the sense of being open, revived, revitalised.

To blow the cobwebs out your hair, to smell the spring in the air, the gentle flutter of a butterfly, the song of a robin, to watch the sun rise and the sun set –  I couldn’t ask for a better job.

All these are stress free factors and I do believe they help with supporting the mental health of everyone!

Learn more about the garden, or read the perspective of the garden’s designer.

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