Festival of Ideas 2023: Five Giants for Mental Health

We know that our chances of having good mental health are shaped by our circumstances and experiences, and that inequalities in society produce worse mental health outcomes among the most disadvantaged people.

But we don’t have to accept this reality. We can spur change by working towards solutions that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Between February and June, our Festival of Ideas brought people together to discuss ‘Five Giants’ that influence people’s mental health:

Poverty and financial wellbeing

21 February – Watch back here

Discussing the links between mental health and poverty and exploring solutions

Racism and racial justice

21 March – Watch back here

Exploring what needs to be done to advance racial justice in mental health

Giving all children a good start in life

27 April – Watch back here

Discussing innovative approaches to adopt to better support children and young people’s mental health

Mental health services

13 July – Watch back here

How to change mental health support from the perspectives of people who have used services

The climate crisis

9 August – Watch back here

Exploring how can we positively impact people’s mental health through climate initiatives

Through these events we’ve been stimulating crucial debates about how we create the social change that is needed to dismantle mental health inequalities and give everyone a better chance of good mental health.

Event highlights
Tom Pollard on poverty and mental health
ZeZe Sohawon on building a mental health system that works for young people
Shuranjeet Singh on advancing racial justice in mental health

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