Fact sheet: Mental health among young people from racialised communities

Young people from racialised communities are exposed to more of the risk factors related to poor mental health, such as racism, school exclusion, poverty, and being in care. 

For instance: 

  • Young people from racialised communities reported feeling less recognised and understood when talking to their GP about their mental health needs compared to their white counterparts (Annual GP Satisfaction Survey, 2021
  • Children from racialised communities are less likely than their white peers to access traditional mental health services (Education Policy Institute, 2017). However, they are twice as likely to access mental health support via court orders (social care or criminal justice related orders) (Edbrooke-Childs and Patalay, 2019)

We’ve developed this handy fact sheet with some of the key evidence surrounding the mental health of young people from racialised communities. This work was generously funded by the Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, Harrow. 

This fact sheet is free to download on the right-hand sidebar.

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