Evaluation of OHID's Better Mental Health Fund


The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) set up the Prevention and Promotion Fund for Better Mental Health to address mental health difficulties which had been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as loneliness, unemployment, financial insecurity and racial discrimination.

The Better Mental Health Fund offered 40 local authorities in England funding to commission interventions which could support communities’ mental health. The 40 areas taking part cover areas of the country with the highest levels of deprivation, where mental health is at its poorest.

Local councils have used the Better Mental Health Fund to support a wide range of activities to promote mental health. These include:

  • Mental health awareness and literacy programmes
  • Community wellbeing projects
  • Counselling and bereavement support
  • School-based activities to boost children’s mental health.

Many of the projects funded have sought to boost mental health among children and young people and with racialised communities.

Centre for Mental Health is evaluating the Better Mental Health Fund nationally. We’re working with the local areas taking part to understand how they have used the Fund to improve mental health in their communities and what they have learnt in the process.

We’ll be sharing the results of our evaluation on this webpage. This will include blogs and resources from some of the local projects, case studies of innovative and promising practice, and our final report later in 2022.


Examples of Better Mental Health Fund projects

Great Mental Health in Haringey

Suicide prevention in Birmingham:


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