The Mental Health Act in England and Wales is currently subject to an independent review, led by Professor Sir Simon Wessely. The Act provides the legislative basis for detaining people judged to be in need of compulsory assessment or treatment for their mental health, and a range of safeguards to ensure their human rights are protected during this time. The review will make recommendations to the Government later this year about ways in which the Act should change.

The Centre is keen to promote discussion and debate about the Act in order to ensure that a broad range of perspectives are shared and debated. We will publish a series of blogs this year by people with personal and professional experience of the Mental Health Act about the changes they would like to see and the ways the Act could work better for those who are subject to it.

All of the blogs for this series give the views of the authors, based on their knowledge and experience, and are not necessarily those of the Centre. We are publishing them to bring as many different voices as we can to the public debate about the Act during the course of the review.

If you would like to blog for us as part of this series, please contact Andy Bell 

Last updated 06/26/2019