Our vision

We’re here until people with mental health problems have a fair chance in life.

Our mission

We change the lives of people with mental health problems by using research to bring about better services and fairer policies.

This unique process is captured by the example below:

Our goals for 2020

We've got a clear vision for the next four years and what we're going to be focusing on. Take a look here.

Areas of work

Our main work areas are:

  • Children: we undertake work which aims to improve the life chances of children through the support they need early in life.
  • Criminal justice: we identify effective methods of supporting and diverting people with mental health problems in the criminal justice system.
  • Economics: we research and analyse the costs of providing services and the benefits to the people they help.
  • Employment: we develop and promote new ways of helping people with mental health problems get and keep work.
  • Mental and physical health: we work on the areas where mental and psychical health conditions overlap, such as liaison psychiatry, and campaign for parity of esteem for mental health.