Action planning as about assigning SMART actions that will help the client achieve their employment goal. Don't forget to involve the clients clinical team, family and friends to support them to achieve their employment goal.

Vocational profiling tools

A form to gather details of what the employment specialist and the client will do to find the client a job (Nottingham) (103 KB)

Sometimes individuals need training or a qualification to help them achieve their employment goal.

Personal Health Budgets can be a source of finance for job related activities or equipment (26 KB)

One of the principles of IPS is that employment support is integrated with clinical care. At the same time that the employment specialist is working with the client on finding and sustaining a job, the health care team should be working on supporting the client to manage their mental health. The recovery star can be used by clinicians to identify areas where they client needs support.

A waiting room poster on the recovery star (411 KB)

The service users guide to using the recovery star (1.9 MB)

The clinicians guide to using the recovery star (605 KB)

Essex's guide to available employment support for people with mental health conditions (303 KB)

An example of guidelines for work placements or experience within a Trust or Council (162 KB)

An example of a Wellness Recovery Action Plan used by service users with their care co-ordinators to help them to stay well (76 KB)

A data collection sheet on client activity (Enable) (23 KB)

A guide for service users family and friends on how to support their recovery from mental ill health (555 KB)