Too many people have poorer mental health because of exclusion, poverty and racism

We take the lead in challenging injustices in policies, systems and society, so that everyone can have better mental health.


A group of friends in an open space, likely a park, smiling and laughing together. There are two people facing the camera. In the centre is a young woman, with dark-brown curly hair, laughing with a wide smile. To her left is another young woman, with dark wavy hair, also smiling.

11 July 2024

The ‘machinery of government’ for a mentally healthier nation

Andy Bell explains how the new Government can improve mental health by committing to a cross government mental health plan, embedding a mental health policy test and appointing a mental health commissioner.

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8 July 2024

A new government, and a new start for our mental health?

The new government has a critical opportunity to build a mentally healthier nation, and it’s vital they take it – Andy sets out the top priorities for improving mental health.

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Teal speakerphone. Text: Podcast

28 June 2024

Podcast: Venus Madden

Venus Madden tells us about her experiences of miscarriage and postnatal depression, as well as the impact of moving to the UK from Hong Kong as a teenager.

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A Black woman with curly hair wearing round glasses, a colorful patterned headband, and a bright red and pink leopard print top is smiling while in conversation with work colleagues.

16 July 2024

More than the sum of our parts

This report explores how collaboration between local stakeholders can lead to more effective and equitable support for people living with a mental illness.

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Two smiling sisters walking and chatting together on a residential street, in a city neighbourhood. One of the sisters is wearing a mint green hoodie and holding a phone, while the other has on a purple puffy coat, yellow top, blue jeans and a maroon knit hat with a pom-pom on top, laughing with eachother.

14 May 2024

Policies for better mental health 

This report calls for the Government to implement a mental health policy test to measure the mental health impact of policies before they’re adopted.

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Young white boy sitting on a couch, holding a smartphone in his hand, focusing on the device with a slight frown on his face.

24 April 2024

Not in school

Research shows that escalating rates of mental health problems among young people, long waiting lists and rejected referrals fuel school absences.

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A young white woman with long brunette hair, wearing a yellow sweater is sitting outdoors in a park on a bench, reading a book.

17 July 2024

Centre for Mental Health welcomes King’s Speech commitment to modernise the Mental Health Act

We’ve responded to the King’s Speech, welcoming plans to modernise the Mental Health Act, ban conversion practices, introduce a child poverty strategy, and create a smokefree generation.

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Black and white image of young Black girl smiling while in conversation with a group of people.

16 July 2024

Voluntary sector partnerships can transform support for people with mental health problems, says new report

Partnerships between the NHS and local voluntary sector-led ‘alliances’ can help improve care for people living with a mental illness.

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A close-up profile view of a young white man with short dark brown hair, sitting outdoors by some trees. He has blue eyes and is wearing a black and grey plaid flannel shirt.

9 July 2024

Prison reform can go hand-in-hand with action for better mental health, says Centre for Mental Health

The new Government must commit to prison reform to tackle overcrowded prisons, high suicide rates and improve support for people’s mental health.

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