We're driving change in mental health policy and practice

  • Our Work

    Children & Young People

    1 in 5 children will experience a mental health problem at some point during childhood, but many do not get effective and timely support. We’re working to change this…

    Criminal Justice

    90% of prisoners have a mental health or substance misuse problem; we’re working to ensure more get the right help where and when they need it…


    Our economic analysis demonstrates both the human and financial costs of mental health problems, and highlights how much money society could save through better support


    The majority of people with mental health problems want to work, but often the support they need is not available. We’re making sure more people get the right help when they want it…

    Physical & Mental Health

    Physical health problems make mental health problems worse, and vice versa. We're finding ways to fix this by understanding how these complex needs can be better addressed together


    Most former Service people make a successful transition to civilian life but some experience mental health problems and we’re finding ways to offer them effective help

    Changing Policy

    We have been changing and influencing mental health policy for 30 years and we're still doing so....