Too many people have poorer mental health because of exclusion, poverty and racism

We take the lead in challenging injustices in policies, systems and society, so that everyone can have better mental health.


A young white woman with long blonde hair is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black puffer jacket and a red and blue plaid scarf. She is stood behind a brick building, in her University campus.

14 June 2024

Being asexual and the road to pride

A guest writer reflects on coming out as asexual, struggles with acceptance and invisibility, and hope for a future beyond labels and explanations.

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Two colleagues of varying genders are sat at a desk working. One colleague has a curly dark, and is wearing a leopard print jacket over a white top and a chunky chain necklace. The colleague next to them is wearing a dark brown leather jacket. They both have a pensive expression.

10 June 2024

Why transphobia in public debate is putting people’s mental health at risk

Andy details what steps need to be taken to ensure that trans people are able to live equal, rightful lives.

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A young mixed raced man with curly hair and a goatee beard, is wearing a white t-shirt and holding a patterned mug.

30 May 2024

Talking trauma: trying to be heard over toxic trauma rhetoric

Callum Young explains how unhelpful the way we talk about trauma as a society is, and outlines how we can foster more constructive conversations about trauma.

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Two smiling sisters walking and chatting together on a residential street, in a city neighbourhood. One of the sisters is wearing a mint green hoodie and holding a phone, while the other has on a purple puffy coat, yellow top, blue jeans and a maroon knit hat with a pom-pom on top, laughing with eachother.

14 May 2024

Policies for better mental health 

This report calls for the Government to implement a mental health policy test to measure the mental health impact of policies before they’re adopted.

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Young white boy sitting on a couch, holding a smartphone in his hand, focusing on the device with a slight frown on his face.

24 April 2024

Not in school

Research shows that escalating rates of mental health problems among young people, long waiting lists and rejected referrals fuel school absences.

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Young Asian man working in healthcare is sat at a group meeting

10 April 2024

Building a mental health workforce for the future

Through changes to training, employment and staff support, the NHS can build the mental health workforce we will need in the years to come.

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Photo of David Lyon, former resources director, Centre for Mental Health

13 June 2024

David Lyon: a tribute from Centre for Mental Health

We remember David Lyon, our former resources director and friend

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An elderly white woman with grey hair and glasses engaged in conversation, holding a mug. She is wearing a colorful striped sweater and gesturing with her hand while speaking. She is talking to a group of friends.

13 June 2024

Centre for Mental Health responds to Labour General Election 2024 manifesto

We’ve responded to the Labour general election manifesto, including pledges to modernise the Mental Health Act, expand the mental health workforce and invest in early support hubs.

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A young South Asian man wearing a green t-shirt and a chain necklace is having a conversation with a young South Asian woman with short dark hair and tattoos on her arm and neck wearing a grey t-shirt and a gold necklace. The pair appear to be laughing while walking down a hallway.

11 June 2024

Centre for Mental Health responds to Conservative General Election 2024 manifesto

We’ve responded to the Conservative general election manifesto, including pledges to reform the Mental Health Act, expand talking therapies and boost Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services.

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