More than the sum of our parts

This report explores how collaboration between local stakeholders can lead to more effective and equitable support for people living with a mental illness.

Not in school

Research shows that escalating rates of mental health problems among young people, long waiting lists and rejected referrals fuel school absences.

Mental health in later life

Poor mental health is sometimes regarded as an unavoidable part of becoming older; we address this assumption and suggest recommendations on how to create better mental health for older people.

Manifesto for a mentally healthier nation

This manifesto puts forth the policies we outlined in A mentally healthy nation and encourages political parties to include them in their manifestos for the 2024 General Election.

Equality in mental health: Strategy 2021-2025

1 July 2021 “No health without justice, no quality without equality” Centre for Mental Health is an independent, not for profit thinktank. We are dedicated to eradicating mental health inequalities and fighting injustice by changing policy and practice. We have been at the heart of some of the most important changes in policy and practice

Briefing 62: A constant battle

A Constant Battle investigates how experiences of racism towards both parents and children affect their mental health and parent-child interactions