Delivering the mental health strategy

Andy Bell looks at the implementation plan for the Mental Health Five Year Forward View in the midst of growing concerns about financial pressures on the NHS.Read more

Stigma, inequality and mental health: the British Social Attitudes survey

A majority of the population are confident in their understanding of wellbeing, but attitudes towards those with mental health problems still have a long way to go.Read more

Money and mental health – breaking up a toxic relationship

Helen Undy, from Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, on the work the institute is doing to reduce the impact finances have on our mental health.Read more

Mental health after the Referendum

The recent EU referendum has brought about momentous political changes in just three weeks. Andy Bell discusses the potential impact and what the next steps should be.Read more

A basic need: affordable housing and mental health

Ian Bradshaw reflects on the role of affordable housing for people with mental health problems.Read more

Mental health and wellbeing: the facts

Our factsheet on mental health and wellbeingRead more

Report challenges ability of NHS to achieve parity of esteem

Andy Bell reflects on a report highlighting that in many areas, mental health service funding is not filtering through to the organisations that provide care.Read more

Implementing mental health policy: some lessons from recent history

From a review of literature and interviews and focus groups with people who have been responsible for policy implementation over the last 20 years, we identified 12 factors that influence the implementation of strategies.Read more

A Day In The Life - Mark Brown

I've read every single day shared and it’s made me cry, made me laugh and made me whoop with joy.Read more

Cllr Michael Bevan - "the Centre’s work is invaluable"

Cllr Michael Bevan from Dorset City Council draws on his personal and political experience of mental health problems, wanting to help others and why he believes the work of the Centre is so invaluable.Read more