The year that felt like a void

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The year that felt like a void

I am known as a outgoing and confident person who is social and full of fun. What I have described now feels like a former version of myself.

I am now quieter, less confident and I see myself in a negative way that I have never felt before. I question my actions and I question my thoughts.

Not having social contact with others has impacted on my mental health massively. I have a husband and two daughters yet I have times where I feel distant and alone. I feel being alone at times sometimes brings me comfort and escapism from life and people. It feels like I want to hide away. This can led to anxious thoughts that ruminate and I worry about the future and what will or will not happen.

I am a mental health nurse and yes I should be the one with the answers and the advice. For myself I feel there is nothing I can say to myself that is off use. In my job role I have witnessed the huge impact that the pandemic has had on everyone. It saddens me and its frightening.

When will this end?

Let’s get better mental health support for all

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