There’s a bitterness that comes with cover

Written on
Contribution by
Ibrahim Hirsi

There’s a bitterness that comes with cover
Plants wilt people return all with cover

Words are the heaviest of them all
Each dhawaaq encompasses, drapes you with a cover

Opioids have seized my people by the nafs
The shame suffocates you that is the final cover

A diaspora at war with itself
how many mango poems till you deep there are some things you cannot cover

She dropped her garments, he left his clothes
So many creative ways to shame for sickness, pride acts as post written cover

The strength of a drum that can call through time
Festac Nigeria, Mudug baadiye and our elders with dementia all join by the string of a pounding cover

My ancestors wrote about winds that carry words and souls
But we are left in their wake heel-less scratching our tongue of its cover

Calaakulli xaal we are but humans, laf and jiir and little else
But then again maybe that's because our xirsis are little more than covers

Dhawaaq: pronounciation
Nafs: Soul
Calaakullixaal: in all circumstances
Laf and Jiir: bone and skin
Xirsi: amulet/protection (also my grandfather's name)

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