It has been a rollercoaster

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It has been a rollercoaster. I always had a keen interest in pandemics and infectious diseases in general. This leads me to closely follow developments in China at the start of the year. I have become increasingly anxious about the situation. Being ridiculed by those around me for catastrophising and exaggerating was difficult. The well meaning reassurance that only old people or those with pre-existing conditions need to worry was also hurtful as I happened to have a chronic respiratory condition. I have taken matters in my own hands and stocked up on masks, sanitisers etc early on.

Despite best efforts I have succumbed to the illness likely to be Covid in March. It was scary as there were no tests and 111 advised me to stay at home and call 999 if unable to breathe. I have followed my asthma plan and spend 2 miserable weeks suffering from very high fever, exhaustion and constant shortness of breath. The scariest part was my husband also being ill. I feared that we will both die and will remain undiscovered in the house for ages with no family near by.

We have recovered. No long Covid and no lasting effects as far as we can tell. The lockdown has been very much enjoyed. As introverts, we value having lots of time for ourselves and the fact that we no longer need to make polite excuses not to attend social functions as there aren't any. Working from home has been absolutely fantastic, long may this continue.

My mental health has been going from strength to strength with many stressors and triggers removed. The narrative focuses heavily on negatives and the extrovert deprived of their past times. Welcome to the world that favours introverts for ones.

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