Following a serious brain injury I live in isolation

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My emotional and mental health was exactly the same as it is now, the only give away that there is a pandemic is when I peek through my curtains and see everyone is wearing face masks, and very rarely watch the news, following a serious brain injury I live in isolation as mixing with people and that includes friend / family general public just causes as in the words of the DWP ''Overwhelming psychological distress'' which really does say it all, so Covid or no Covid really has no affect on my mental state what so ever, if on the rare occasion I have to venture out and I contracted the virus I can say I am not remotely concerned except I would not want to pass it on to someone who enjoy's being on this planet, there is some comfort in my life/sentence and that is strong medication that knocks me out, the only time I get a rest from severe clinical depression and anxiety, I will leave it there as that is all I have put in my diary entry for today, I wish anyone suffering mentally that hopefully you turn a positive corner thanks.

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