2020 was going to be different

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As the fireworks burst into the sky on a close of another year, I promised myself I would try harder. Try harder to meet someone, 'put myself out there' to go on many more dates with nice boys.

I had been single for 3 years and always had a bad track record of picking the worst people imaginable. It was a running joke among my work friends. But, 2020 was going to be different.

it started so well... 2 dates in January and Feb, both nice, not the love of my life, but nice. Then before they could turn into anything...
Covid hit, pulling the biggest prank on the lives of the single and ready to mingle. Dating apps turned into desperate places for sexting and frustration. The anxiety of the single, grew immensely. Facing life and death alone. More & more rules, taking away freedom and love stories - no household mingling, no meet ups. Dates became video calls and walks in the park (which hardly happened) people preferred to close themselves away. To Hide from the impending risk outside their doors.
I found a loneliness in not sharing this pandemic with anyone. Facing it alone and afraid.

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