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Going for Gold?

Centre for Mental Health have the expertise and knowledge to help you take your IPS service from a fair fidelity review to excellence. 

We offer a range of IPS consultancy for the UK and internationally to support the implementation of IPS from the very start of a project, we provide:

  • Support for providers to produce high-quality bids for IPS services
  • Training for IPS staff
  • Introductory workshops at all levels
  • Mentoring for IPS teams to help them achieve high fidelity practice
  • Supervision
  • Coaching
  • Bench marking


The Centre provided two regional trainers to Wiltshire to implement an Individual Placement Support service. The Centre’s input into the IPS service has been invaluable. Both individuals in the regional trainer posts worked to a very high standard and brought a great deal of experience and expertise to the implementation of IPS in Wiltshire.

Joe Bowerbank, (Joint Commissioner, Mental Health) Wiltshire Council



The Centre supported the Trust with the establishment of our IPS work across Berkshire…we ran everything in partnership and this worked exceedingly well. The Centre started us on the right path, supplied staff, support and supervision to get a gold standard service up and running which the Trust has now continued…we would never be where we are today without the Centre’s support and skill.

Alison Durrands, (Interim Locality Director, Mental Health In-Patients) Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


We work with a variety of partners including NHS Trusts, third sector organisations, local authorities, and national statutory bodies to ensure that the principles of IPS in employment support services are encouraged and implemented successfully. Find out more about our current and previous work.


If you are developing IPS provision in your areas and would like to talk to us about how we can help your organisation, please contact Jan Hutchinson at


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