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We believe businesses of all kinds have a role to play in bringing equality for mental health within reach, and helping people receive the best support wherever they work, live and learn, whenever they need it, and without shame.

We’re looking for our next corporate sponsor to help us continue our groundbreaking research and achieve the ultimate goal of equality for anyone who has a mental health problem.

We want to work with ambitious companies who are committed to improving wellbeing in the workforce and in the wider world.

Our unique approach aims to give back to our corporate sponsors. We want to address the issues that are important to you – issues where together we can make a real difference that fundraisers can proudly put their names to.

Let’s collaborate!

We want to get to know your people, celebrate their successes and inspire them to champion mental health and wellbeing. As part of our collaborative approach we could:

  • Coproduce a bespoke project idea exploring the issues in mental health that your company and colleagues care about – setting a target to fund research for a lasting legacy beyond the lifetime of the partnership
  • Guide your workplace strategies, share advice on best practice, and make connections to our wide network of local and national influencers • Arrange for emotive and thought-provoking speakers to attend events and fundraisers
  • Help you find great ways to engage your clients and employees so you can have fun while you fundraise – for example, you could host a quiz night, take on a team challenge, run a charity sports tournament, climb a mountain…

In 2017/18 we were named Charity of the Year by leading UK recruitment agency Investigo. A fantastic year of fundraising and focus on wellbeing raised over £50,000 to help us produce a piece of original research on suicide prevention. This was an issue close to the hearts of the staff at Investigo and we were delighted to take it forward together.

We have been on a really special journey with Centre for Mental Health. We were inspired by their life-changing research, which we can see positively impacts thousands of lives. Each year our goal is to find a charity where we can really make a difference. This year we funded a research project to investigate why so many people who die from suicide are not receiving mental health support and what more can be done across the UK to prevent this. This journey has been particularly interesting and was a new concept for us as a business, to support a research-focused charity fighting the root cause of an issue. The charity engagement across the business has been the highest we have ever seen because our employees whole-heartedly got behind the concept.

Lisa Holberton, Head of Marketing, Investigo

Your impact

Centre for Mental Health has been at the forefront of innovation and groundbreaking health and social change for over 30 years.

A partnership which raises £5,000 would support us to…

  • Review evidence on inequalities faced by people who experience multiple disadvantage or who are from underserved communities
  • Produce a briefing that shares the evidence of some of the biggest inequalities in mental health and encourages action to address them
  • Disseminate our findings among local and national decision-makers and follow these up at meetings to press the case for change

A partnership raising £10,000 would support us to…

  • Work with partners to build evidence for what is working and how we can overcome the difficulties faced by people and services
  • Host an event bringing together charities, local mental health champions, and people with experience of mental health problems
  • Produce a series of policy briefings sharing recommendations with the Government on how it can challenge some of the biggest inequalities in mental health
  • Disseminate our findings among local and national decision-makers and follow these up at meetings to press the case for change

A partnership raising £30,000 (or more) would enable us to…

  • Carry out an original, comprehensive research project to explore the biggest inequalities in mental health where people are in desperate need of improvements
  • Work arm-in-arm with partners to find out how what works in delivering the right support for everyone living with a mental health problem
  • Hold workshops where experts, influencers, practitioners, policymakers and campaigners share insight, build understanding, and challenge the status quo
  • Organise a high-profile national event bringing together a range of stakeholders including charities, people with lived experience, and Government representatives

Each donation of £200 could…

  • Contribute to a day of our researcher’s time identifying the main barriers to effective local action to protect young people’s mental health
  • Enable us to meet with government ministers and officials to put forward our recommendations for challenging mental health inequality
  • Support us as we engage our network of experts, practitioners, and people with experience of mental health problems

Have an idea you’d like to discuss further? Already think we could be the right charity partner for you and your staff? Please get in touch at fundraising@centreformentalhealth.org.uk and our development team will be delighted to talk to you.

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