Give us your resolution

Take up a wellbeing-boosting activity for the whole of January and raise money for mental health.

It’s up to you what your resolution might be. You might decide to take up yoga, painting, baking, walking, a new instrument – whatever it is that you think will boost your mental health.

Then ask family, friends and colleagues to help you meet your goal by sponsoring you.

All the money you raise will support our research and campaigning in the fight for equality in mental health.




Tell me more…

The new year is a great opportunity to start afresh and do something that’s good for your mental health. We all know it can be difficult to keep a resolution, but the support of friends and family can make a big difference!

Centre for Mental Health is committed to eradicating mental health inequalities, so that everyone gets the right support for their mental health. For too many people, inequality and injustice put their mental health at risk. So we work for changes to policy, services and society to give more people a better chance of good mental health.

A small change in your life this January could help us make big changes in society.


I’m in! What’s next?

  1. Decide what you’re going to commit to doing during January
  2. Create your fundraiser over on JustGiving
  3. Let everyone know about it and ask them to sponsor you – and be sure to tag us @CentreforMH!


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21/12/2021 - 13:44

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