Back on Track?

CPA care planning for service users who are repeatedly detained under the Mental Health Act

12 July 2005

This report examines the effectiveness of Care Programme Approach care planning for people who are repeatedly detained under the Mental Health Act.




Beyond the Water Towers

The unfinished revolution in mental health services 1985-2005

09 May 2005

Mental health care has been transformed in the last two decades. This book charts that progress and examines the key issues facing mental health services. 



Blurring the Boundaries

The convergence of mental health and criminal justice policy, legislation, systems and practice

16 March 2010

This report shows that a convergence is taking place between mental health and criminal justice.

It summarises the benefits and the risks of convergence and is intended to inform policy-makers and practitioners about where convergence can be useful and where caution is required.

Foreword by Rt Hon Lord Bradley.



Breaking the Circles of Fear

A review of the relationship between mental health services and African and Caribbean communities

15 July 2002

This major review documents the 'circles of fear' and the impediments to change which lead to poorer treatment and care of African and African Caribbean adults. 



Costs of Race Inequality

16 October 2006

This paper examines the financial costs of the differences in specialist mental health service use among people from different ethnic groups in London.


Counting the Cost

The Economic and Social Costs of Mental Illness in Northern Ireland

09 June 2004

The economic and social costs of mental illness in Northern Ireland amounted to nearly £3 billion in 2002/3 - more than the total spend on health and social care for all health conditions. 


Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment

A Practical Guide

07 November 2006

Our new guide looks at the core characteristics of effective teams and how they can manage risk and facilitate early discharge from hospital. 


Future of Mental Health

A Vision for 2015

03 January 2006

This policy paper sets out a radical but realistic agenda for mental health over the next 10 years. 


A Guide to User-Focused Monitoring

Setting up and running a project

03 January 2007

This publication provides a step-by-step guide to setting up and running a user-focused monitoring project. It covers all stages of the project from recruiting the co-ordinator and interviewers, to the final report. 


In the Dark

The mental health implications of Imprisonment for Public Protection

18 September 2008

This report finds that prisoners serving IPP sentences are much more likely than other prisoners to have mental health problems.

It looks at the sentencing process, what information is given to prisoners and the courses they can do as well as the prisoners' mental health needs and the impact of mental ill health on the IPP process. It makes recommendations for health and criminal justice services.


Keys to Engagement

Review of Care for People with Severe Mental Illness who are hard to engage with Services

09 March 1998

This report on assertive outreach sets out a strategy for meeting the needs of people with severe and enduring mental illness who have difficulty in engaging with services. 


Leading by Example

Making the NHS an exemplar employer of people with mental health problems

13 July 2006

A practical guide showing how NHS managers and others can lead by example in employing mental health service users in the NHS workforce while improving the working lives and job retention for all staff. 


London's prison mental health services

A Review

29 March 2006

This policy paper examines London’s prisons and makes recommendations for improvement and ways that the primary care trusts and the prisons can work together to make more progress. 


Looking Ahead

The next 25 years in mental health

23 March 2010

Looking Ahead is a collection looking forward to the challenges of the next quarter of a century in mental health policy and practice in the UK.

Contributors include Prof Louis Appleby, Dame Carol Black, Prof Cary Cooper and Anne Beales. 


Measuring what matters

Key indicators for the development of evidence-based employment services

09 June 2009

Mental health and employment services should report regularly how well they help people to get and keep paid work.

Measuring What Matters presents a set of key indicators that can be used routinely so that service users and their families can see how well services are performing. 


Race Equality Training in Mental Health Services in England

Does one size fit all?

08 October 2007

This report is based on a survey of participants, providers and commissioners of training. It finds that only one quarter of participants had received any training from a service user. The report calls for fundamental changes in the delivery of race equality training. 


Securing employment for offenders with mental health problems

Towards a better way

02 September 2009

Enabling a person with a history of offending to get and keep a job is probably the most effective intervention anyone can make to prevent re-offending and improve their chances of leading a better life.

This policy paper examines how to improve the employment prospects of offenders with mental health problems.



Spending on Prison Mental Health Care

27 May 2008

Short-changed, produced together with Lincoln University, shows that prison inreach teams get £300 in funding for every prisoner in England. This is only about one-third of what they need to offer the same level of service as community mental health services. 


Whose Values?

A Workbook for Values-Based Practice

13 July 2004

People's values differ enormously - what may be important to one individual may be of little significance to another.

This new workbook provides a series of exercises that enable practitioners to reflect on the way that they work and recognise the influence that different values have on their practice. 

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