Fact sheet: Children and young people's mental health

Key stats and facts about children and young people's mental health in one handy fact sheet.Read more

Mental health among children and young people

How common are mental health problems in children?Read more

The decade of delay

Children face an average 10-year wait between experiencing symptoms and receiving help.Read more

How mental health can be affected at various stages of development

The different mental health challenges faced by children at different ages.Read more

Mental health during and after pregnancy

Perinatal mental health problems have a long-term cost of £8.1 billion for each year of births in the UK.Read more

Child behavioural issues

Around 5% of children have conduct disorder. Parenting programmes are really effective at helping these families to improve their lives and futures.Read more

Investing in children's mental health

A wide range of interventions improve children's mental health but also lead to substantial economic benefits.Read more

The economic case for treating childhood behavioural problems

The benefits of tested interventions far outweigh the costs and have a life-long impact on the children, families and society.Read more